I am a mom to a little girl born 2-23-12 and am looking for other mothers with similar age children to get together with for play dates, and mommy talk ! I am a new mom who is a bit older and doesn't have any friends with young kids (YET!)

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Hey Ladies!! 

Sorry for the big delay.  I'm actually out in California right now for a conference, so my head was spinning getting ready for that!!!   Usually weekends are better for me, but Monday nights are usually okay too.   

Tricia-- yes, I am listed on and I would be happy to talk with you more as well.  I know a few people who are looking for in-home nannies, but unfortunately, I don't know of any -- I'll keep my ears open though!!    How old are your kids again?  

How about Sunday afternoon after Mother's Day?  So May 19th?  Lunch? 

So the latest suggestions are Monday evening for dinner and/or Sunday afternoon - lunch: May 19th. Both/either days are good for me...

Thanks for the info Lindsey, any help you can provide is greatly appreciated!

I am looking for a Nanny to come to my home to watch my 3 1/2 year old. We can talk more when we get together.

Looking forward to meeting everyone!!!!!


Hi Ladies,


It shouldn't be this challenging to get together.  Or I guess with a life and little ones, it is all part of it isn't it.  I will be out of town for a short weekend trip on the 19th.    However, I could probably make it Monday if anyone would be willing to try it then? 

Hope we can come to a concensus, looking forward to meeting everyone!

Let's try for Monday then.  I'll have to check with my husband's softball schedule, but other than that... 

Ok I'm lost which Monday night and where?

Hello Again!  We are talking about the Monday after the 19th right? Of course that would be the 20th.   Not this coming Monday which is the 13th.  Or am I confused now?


On a side note, Jennifer did you ever get my text with the mom group info? 


Tricia and Lindsey, if either of you know anyone that belongs to the MOPS mom group you could ask them to ask around about a nanny.  What kind of nanny are you looking for?  One just to watch over and supervise your little ones or to contribute to housework and errands as well?

I did and texted u back... Anyone know of someone willing to be back up babysitter on days my daycare closes?

I would be happy to be a back up sitter, Jennifer.  

And yes, I think we're talking about Monday the 20th still.  :)

Hi Ladies!


Are we going to try for Monday the 20th?  How many of us can make it.  I'm pretty sure it won't be a problem for me.  I'll be coming home from a long weekend....but no more tired than I would normally be just taking care of the little one! LOL. 

PS>  Thanks Jennifer.  I remember you responding I just wasn't sure you got the information about the moms group.


Hope more of us can get in sync with a date /confirmation.  With summer coming it would be great to establish a group of friends with little ones too!

Hi gang...

I'm looking forward to getting together cuz' with warm weather approaching, I'd really like to attend the zoo, parks, beach, etc with other moms and kids :-)

I could possibly do Monday - let me check my husbands schedule.

I am also looking for a back up sitter as well as a nanny just to watch my precious little girl - no housework.

Looking forward to talking to you all in person :-)

So are we shooting for an outing with the kids?  Maybe the zoo?  Or a dinner with just moms on Monday? 

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