I am a mom to a little girl born 2-23-12 and am looking for other mothers with similar age children to get together with for play dates, and mommy talk ! I am a new mom who is a bit older and doesn't have any friends with young kids (YET!)

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I am game for any/ all of the above suggestions!

I am up for anything. Any time with the little  ones, early evening if it's just us moms so I have my hubby home.  I'll be out of town Sat/Sun.  Hopefully, we can arrange something definite real soon!  The only technolgoy I'm allowing on our weekend away is our cell phones.  


Jennifer, you have my cell, maybe you could update me if we set something up?  I'd appreciate it!


Do you all have memberships to the zoo?  Did anyone check into their classes for the little ones? 


Looking forward to finally the four of us getting together!

Hey Ladies -- my friend just called and needs some last minute child care, so I won't be able to make it to the zoo until after 2PM.  Did we decide on a time?  I haven't checked the other threads... also, why don't we email each other so we can stop signing into this site?  One less step.  :)  Mine is  


Last I knew no one decided with or without the kiddos?  First we were all going to meet just us ladies.  Then at the last minute it ended up just being Jennifer and I. 

Then we've been waivering and no decisions about where, when , and with/without.  I was out of town and hoped someone threw a time / place  and if it was going to be mom with/without lil'ones.  Where did everyone go?  Is everyone emailing now?


I'll follow Lindsey and say that my email is if someone happens to see this and I missed something would you mind filling me in. I'd hate to miss out meeting all you ladies again. 


I'm going to email Lindsey and see if anyone else has followed her lead.

Mine is

Hi all....

My apologies for being out of the loop for a while. I'm emailing Lindsey, Michelle and Jennifer and hopefully we can get together.



Hey Everyone!! I was just thinking of you all yesterday!  Glad that Tricia got things started again.   


Lets try! Next week I start a noon to 8 pm shift permanently so now it's mornings or weekend for me!

I'm so glad to hear from you guys! I'm leaving for vaca: July 16 - 20 but I'd be happy to get together when I get back.

Im so glad everyones attempting this again.  I almost gave up hope in all of us meeting.  I am open now to the 27th or after the 18th of august.  We are out of town the first part of August.   Geesh thank god this isn't us making a work schedule for busy moms.


I hope we can do a morning or one weekend that I'm able to meet all of you ladies, minus Jennifer since we were determined to meet the day others couldn't.  Our goal is to get all of us together or if someone is just up to getting out some day...with or without the little ones I'm pretty open.  Longing for some adult girl time!!

Did you guys have a get together yet? I would love to come if not :-)

Hi Katrina...

I have been a part of these talks for some time now but have been unable to get together with the other ladies. I'd really like to arrange a get together so if you're interested, please let me know. I have a 3 1/2 year old little girl who needs some friends (we are not originally from the Erie area) and I need some adult mom time!

Ladies (Michelle, Jennifer, Lindsey and anyone else that is interested): Please respond ASAP about what days are good for you - I'm thinking a Sunday for just us ladies to get together. Then we can make plans to get all the kids together....

Looking forward to this - as soon as possible please!  LOL   :-)

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